Beauty and the Beast Costumes


The tale of the Beauty and the Beast goes back a long way – all the way back to 19th century France. The version almost everyone is more familiar with is the Disney animated film from 1991, which was a bit more child friendly and was very well received by all audiences.

However, in the summer of 2017, Disney released a new take on the same story, this time in live action. It featured Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast. With these new designs, people were excited to see new versions of characters that they had seen for years, so they made for some great Halloween costumes.

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Adult Beast Costumes

Classic Beast

The Beast is a great option for...

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Annabelle Horror Costume


Okay, I’m not into anything horror, except Freddie Krueger. He was about the only horror character I could tolerate, and that’s probably because Robert Englund did such an excellent job at portraying him–and he had his funny moments.

But, a lot of people are into horror themes, so I thought I’d add this in case you’re looking. 😉

Most Halloween costumes now are based on popular characters that we like, instead of ones that we fear. I love the spookiness of Halloween, but I’m not really into the terror part. Halloween began as a way for living people to “disquise” themselves from evil spirits, so it wasn’t necessarily intended to be gore and horror.

But this year, there are more Halloween costumes being made based on horror movie characters...

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costumes


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were first introduced to the public in the mid 80s. Kids of all ages loved these teenage crime fighters and the popularity of the characters soared.

There was a huge clamor for merchandise featuring these characters including dolls, figurines, bedding, Halloween costumes, and more. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo is the leader of these heroes.


This character is named after Leonardo da Vinci. He’s the one who tries to keep his brothers in line. As a hero, he carries a badge of honor and he likes to be the responsible one in the group.

Being the leader of a group often results in disagreements and this hero has more than his fair share of those with Raphael. The Leonardo doll wears a blue mask and comes with ninja weapons.


Next i...

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Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Kids: 5 Ideas You Can Put Together At Home


Although you may try to plan your child’s Halloween costume as far in advance as possible, we all know just how unexpectedly the need for a costume can crop up. Perhaps your child is refusing to wear what you already bought? Or maybe your child forgot to tell you about a Halloween party? Instead of making your child wear the same Halloween costume twice, take a look at these last minute Halloween costumes for kids and see if there’s something you can put together quickly.


This costume isn’t the most imaginative of last minute Halloween costumes for kids, but sometimes you just have to make do if you don’t have the time! Thankfully it’s still a Halloween classic, even if it is simple. For the ghost costume you’ll need a plain sheet with cut-out eye holes...

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